The seventh release of the independent Czech label Ressonus Records is an EP by the Foma project from Hradec Králové called Open In Dark Room Only.

Previous intensive collaboration put two important figures of Czech indie-electronic scene together: David Rambousek, known for his project Selectone and a founder of Ressonus Records; and Jiří Tilgner performing in the alter ego katsa.theo.

Their four-piece EP has a characteristic sound built on synthesizer grooves and layered soundscapes accompanied with distinctive sampling. Together it creates a dense mixture of post-dance electronica with a slightly psychedelic touch.

The collective production was considerably enriched by Czech-Finnish vocalist Sonja Neverstop. Her voice pushes Foma´s music towards alternative pop. The final track is based on an original recording by “sound hunter” Patrik Jupiter, and accompanied by field recordings from Foma´s archive.

The sound mix was done by David Rambousek. Mastered by Matouš Godík (aka Zka4t).

The release is available as a free download and also as a handmade, limited edition CD. It marks the vanguard more material that Foma is working on now.

Music by Jiří Tilgner and David Rambousek.
Lyrics and vocals by Sonja Neverstop (tracks 1, 2).
Additional sounds by Patrik Jupiter (track 4)
and Dr. Mortimer (track 3).

Mixed by David Rambousek.
Mastered by Matouš Godík.

Photograph by Martin Šauer.
Design by David Rambousek.

Ressonus Records | ress-07: Foma - Open In Dark Room Only



Release date: 26. 04. 2013
Limited edition of 100 CDR.

You can buy the CD in Polí5 shop in Prague,
or order from us.