The katsa.theo audio-visual project, backed by the audio collagist Jiří Tilgner, grows mostly from the electro-industrial roots naturally spiced with downtempo, musique concrète and even dubstep features. His current record Porto sums up the cooperation with the singer Milli Janatková. The contrast between her dreamy voice singing Portuguese lyrics and the raw musical background moves the project towards the realm of abstract pop.

The six-track EP includes remixes by the astral Ohm Plain and the ambient Selectone. Final mixing and cover design done by David Rambousek.

Release date: 22nd April 2010


Format: CDR 36' 40", handmade resso-pack. Limited edition of 69 copies.
You can buy the CD in Polí5 shop in Prague, or order from us.
Digital format for download is available here.

Jiří Tilgner - loops, noises, samples, analogue synth, video
Milli Janatková - voice, lyrics, acoustic guitar, schrums
David Rambousek - mix, cover design

Patrik Dekor (Buddha Machine, analogue sounds)
Shlaasha (soundhunting), Michal Janků (electric guitar)
Ohm Plain (remix), Selectone (remix), Martin Šauer (video)
Mark Schultz (ghost talking), Zdeněk Konečný (Menu support)

Porto was nominated for Czech Music Awards Anděl 2010
in category Alternative music.


"...A great release and a nice addition in the cold and raw electronic world which combines warm human voices."

(Jan-Kees Helms, Vital Weekly)

"...Her voice is beautiful and seraphic, which stands in stark contrast to the sweeping noises laid down by Tilgner.
...It's interesting and engaging, but what really makes this work is Janatkova's voice. It's beautiful and sultry, ranging from spoken word to standard singing to heavily processed ethereal vocals. This is an excellent counterpoint to Tilgner's structured noisiness and glitches."

(eskaton, Chain D.L.K.)

"...Střet mnoha rovin dodává tomuto minialbu punc originality a každý poslech odhaluje nová skupenství požitků...
...Nakouknutí pod zvukovou optiku katsa.theo je jasným tahákem, který slibuje zaručenou kvalitu z domovských laboratoří Ressonusu."

(Dan Hájek,

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Ressonus Records | ress-04: katsa.theo - Porto
Ressonus Records | ress-04: katsa.theo - Porto
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