About Ressonus Records

Ressonus is a small record label, based in Czech Republic and focused on contemporary electronic music. We don't care much about styles, we're interested in music as a whole. Style is not so important. What is important, is the feeling, the message, the vibes that reach far behind all forms. It is much more than fun, it's fuckin' serious!

Ressonus was founded in 2006 by David Rambousek, Czech music producer, influenced mainly by rave movement, minimalism, ambient, industrial, psychedelic, dub, jazz, classical music etc... and of course rock'n'roll too! Our aesthetic range is wide, we are open to all good music, but major focus lies on experimental electronics.

Ressonus stands completely on DIY principles, fuelled utterly by love and dedication. It's not profit-making issue. You won't find tons of shit here, but just carefully selected music, which we believe in and stand up for. That's why we release music so rarely.

How to get music from Ressonus?

Download, listen, and enjoy! Some releases are for free, others not. You can also buy a CD or cassette tape. We appreciate your support!

And what about YOUR music?

We'd like to listen to your music! Give a link to your best stuff! Collaboration welcome!


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